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Demonstration - E-Library Application

We have globally recognized E-Library system suitable for everyone, from small institutes to big colleges and universities. Contact us for more information.

Note: the link provided below is for demonstration purpose only.

CategoryOnline E-Library
Domain Price1000 NRs/Year ( Only for cloud)
Hosting PriceOn Cloud: 30 GB-2000 NRs/Month Not Recommended
Best to host locally on Linux Server Recommended
SoftwareBasic: 55000 NRs*
Advanced: 85000 NRs*
Support Basic: 96 Hours/ YearRemote: 5000 NRs
Onsite: 8000 NRs
Advanced: 192 Hours/YearRemote: 10000 NRs
Onsite: 15000 NRs
Extra Features**
Hosting Options 
.com/.org DomainOptional
.np DomainOptional
Hosting Disk Space~ 30 GB – On Cloud
Data TransferUnlimited
No. Of E-MailsIntegrated with Domain
DB BackupOn Cloud: Weekly
IMAP AccessYes
PHP VersionLatest
No. of Database01
No of pagesBased on hosting disk space and customer product specification. ***
Staff and Student Login PageYes
Online Book SearchYes
E-book/CDs/Paper Book CategoriesYes
Student Library ManagementYes
Fine ManagementYes
Book HoldingYes
Multiple Libraries ConfigurationOptional
Active Directory /Openldap AuthenticationYes
TrainingProvided by Fusion Technology–Maximum 5 Days ****
NoteNote: * Basic means here the minimum configuration.
** All the features may not be covered by this cost range.
*** Based on customer requirement. They can create as many page as they want. For demo: 5 Pages included.
**** Extra Training will cost extra money excluding support package.