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Advantages of Open-Source Software

The benefits of open source software are tremendous. In business perspective, open source and closed source softwares work similarly. We will discuss the benefits of open source softwares in business.

Open source as the name says, it is free to distribute and modify. The point here to remember is that open source softwares need not necessarily be free to buy, although most of the softwares are. Lets tackle the advantages of open source softwares.

1. It is generally free

Some of the research done have estimated that overall open source software saves $60 billion a year in business in the USA. These days there are almost always open source version of the proprietary software you are using.

2. It is continually evolving

Developers from around the world, add, modify and update the codes for open source softwares, which means it can be better in quality and more secure and less prone to bugs and hackers than proprietary software.

3. No vendor lock-in

Using open source means you are not locked in any proprietary system that only works with their other systems.

4. Modifiable and Extensible

You can modify and extend the software according your business need without relying on the proprietary software companies add features that you really need.

 It is not that open source softwares do not have disadvantages. They have some disadvantages such as higher technical knowledge to work with, indirect costs and less user friendly.

So the best thing to do is to start up with the software system that have built up a large community around it and with the business entities that have full support for open source system. We at Fusion Technology, provide excellent support and software solutions for your business, you might not find everywhere.