Welcome to Fusion Technology Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

With emerging Technology, IT has now become a part of our daily life. It has become a strong need to synchronize your business with this technological era. Information Technology is considered as one of the most fascinating field which directly and indirectly is influencing your services. We together as a FUSION group want to accomplish this goal. We want to provide a quality support for the maintenance, repair and construction in the field of emerging IT. The experience and the knowledge of our employees will certainly fit to your requirement.

We provide our customers technical support, training classes, organize events, projects and everything that falls under Information Technology. We even cater the customer in mobile solutions, product and engineering services, service integration, service management and whole lot of other fields.

Our missions
1. Design, develop and deployment for smarter, faster and safer world.
2. Conduct and provide unique ideas and solutions, which are able to achieve costumer's satisfaction.
3. Dedicated to develop a global culture for open communication,co-ordination, collaboration and diversity of IT (Information and Technology).
4. Ready to cope-up with continuous changing standard in Information Technology.
We walk forward with analyzing the impact what we do, our significance contribution to society and positive influence of our services and solutions. We are here for customer's satisfaction, collaborating customer's requirement and our idea. In addition to this, we need a culture that welcomes great team works and transparency.

Vision Statement
Build the best product, give the best service, use the business to inspire and promote individuals and organization and implement solutions to bring greater enthusiasm in societies.
We make a service whatever for customers to be unique, creative,inventive and innovative all with superior quality and user friendly.So, it could coming from our best designers or our advisors suggesting a more reliable and efficient process that saves time and money.we are doing all of this for our end markets, which are finally , all in some way to do with the connected local and global world.
we believe in trust with our customers and with our service throughout our commitment and professionalism. we should strive to be a valuable, coordinate and respected dudes of our customers who are everything for us.

If you like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Services

Electronics & Telecommunication Services

Electronics and Telecommunication Services

We provide services to business which seek to support and enhance telecommunication systems. Our work ranges from circuit design to strategic mass developments. We also design and oversee the installation of telecommunication equipments and facilities including but not limited to optical fibres, electronic switching systems and IP data systems.

Some of the things that we are experienced at are as follows:

IT & Computer

IT & Computer Services

Fusion Technology Pvt. Ltd. excels in IT sector. We have compiled a list of IT related products and services that we support. We provide complete installation, maintenance and support for the following services.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services

We are expert in the following services:

Customer Support

Customer Support

Quickly resolve your issues with our efficient customer support. Our highly trained team of customer service representatives will act as an extension to your business. Our team provides world class phone, email support for inquiries related to services we offer.

You define your policies and procedures, we implement them with various level of support. We adapt to suit your needs and your customers thereby increasing customer satisfaction and your brand.

We are just a telephone call or email away. Contact us sooner.

With highly trained professionals we offer customer support on the following fields:

  • Information technology related fields, you name it we provide it.
  • Electrical and Electronics related field like house wiring, electrical planing, home automation, internet connected devices, equipment installation and commissioning etc.
  • Telecommunication related fields such as site survey, tower shelters, ac, battery banks and BTS equipment installation and commissioning.

We will not only be glad to be a part of your work, but we work diligently to make your business successful.

Our Projects

Website Design & Development

We are working on the following projects at the moment

Nepal Wetland Centre ( NWC)

Nepal doesn’t have the wetland centre. Nepal Wetland Centre is the first in South Asia to provide a well land out successfully for birds, whereby people can visit and experience the wader of nature within bird kind; 

These painting are dedicated for the cause of establishing the NWC.

Web Applications


Telecommunication project

Some telecommunication projects are running currently and will be updated here soon.